Push message delivery rate in Post Bank exceeds 90%

May 24, 2021
Post Bank has deployed the WINGS Push SDK in its mobile app. This has seen the bank's push message delivery rate exceeding 90%. As a result, the bank has significantly cut the amount of SMS messages sent to its customers, thereby reducing its customer engagement costs.
Post Bank's push notification system uses SMS fallback to ensure delivery. A message is first sent via a free push channel, and if undelivered, it is then re-sent through SMS. The higher your push message delivery rate and customer penetration for the mobile app, the more you save money from using push notification.
«Deployment of the WINGS Push SDK saw our push message delivery rate exceeding 90% for all types of messages, including delivery to Huawei devices disconnected from Google services. These are currently the best delivery rates on the market»,
– says Sergey Chikov, Head, Information Technology Service.
WINGS guarantees a high Push delivery rate under a Service Level Agreement (SLA), i.e. payment depends on Push delivery rates. This is an important component because achieving high delivery rates once does not guarantee the same high rate in the future. As time goes by, various innovations will be appearing in the mobile OS, new Android devices will be entering the market, each with its own specifics. This requires constant analysis of changes and adaptation. That's why the bank decided to outsource this task to an external professional team.

The WINGS Push SDK makes things easier for mobile app developers, eliminating the need to learn how to work with push notifications. SDK contains everything needed to work properly with push notifications. Moreover, the best practices are used to improve service quality and delivery rate.

The system is installed on the customer's side, push messages are free and don't pass through third-party vendor services, thereby maintaining the security of such messages at a high level.