Five reasons to deploy the WINGS software in your bank:

Helping banks build their own messaging infrastructure

20% messaging cost reduction.
Independence from providers. One can quickly change and combine the services of different providers or work directly with mobile network operators.
Enhanced security. Messages do not pass through the servers of intermediaries (providers and aggregators). Push notification texts do not go through Google and Apple clouds. SIM card changes are checked before a one-time password is sent.
Easy support. Using the WINGS Notification Server as a single messaging point in a bank greatly simplifies the support process and allows for centralized management of customer communications.
Deploying the software does not require the bank changing its systems (we will support all protocols used in the bank).

Some of our major customers


Reduced messaging costs

  • The bank doesn't pay for each Push notification as it does with providers. All Push notifications are free for the bank.
  • The solution ensures the highest Push notification delivery rate on the market - over 90%. The rest are sent via SMS, Viber and other channels. The higher the Push delivery rate, the lesser the need to send SMS.
  • Deployment of communication channels cheaper than SMS – Viber, instant messengers, social networks, etc. Available communication channels can be easily combined into any fallback chains. For example, when you send a free Push message and it fails, the message is resent more expensively via Viber, and if there is no delivery – then an SMS is sent.
  • Having your own messaging infrastructure allows you to communicate directly with mobile network operators. This makes you avoid intermediary commissions and service fees.
  • When sending messages, you can at any time switch traffic routing to a better connection with just a couple of clicks. The cheapest channel is selected automatically.
  • Reduced number of undelivered SMS (wasted money) through intelligent traffic analysis.

Flexible business models

Software license purchase.
Monthly payments for software license and technical support.
For results
Payment linked to the Customer’s savings on SMS messaging cost.

100% independence from service providers

Service providers often install their software in the bank system. Having such an integration module in the bank is a serious risk, since the bank will not be able to quickly switch all or part of the traffic to other service providers when prices rise or quality of service falls.

The WINGS Notification Server allows the bank to build an infrastructure that is 100% independent of any provider.

There are no limits on the number of connections to service providers, the Customer can connect to any mobile network operator and service provider.

Enhanced security

The Notification Server is installed in the bank's infrastructure and is managed in accordance with the bank's security policy. When interacting directly with operators, messages do not go through intermediaries (providers).

For example, Push notifications are sent directly via Android and iOS services.

Unlike sending Push via providers, the bank's data does not pass through third-party servers. Besides, messaging statistics and customer information are not accessible to third parties. The sent content is stored exclusively in the bank.

There is an option wherebyPush only notifies the app of a message, while the message itself is retrieved directly from the server. In this case, text messages do not pass through Google and Apple clouds.

To prevent fraud, the system first checks the IMSI of mobile subscribers  before sending one-time passwords.

Also, the USSD channel can be used to send one-time passwords. Such messages are not saved in the device's memory.
Easy support
Many of the bank's IT systems generate and send messages. When each source system interacts directly with messaging providers or mobile network operators, the support process becomes much more complicated. Any changes, whether switching traffic to another provider or tweaking the protocol, would require making changes to multiple source systems.

Using the WINGS Notification Server as a single messaging point in the bank greatly simplifies the maintenance process and allows you to manage all traffic in a single place.

Centralized communication

The Notification Server enables you to use and centrally manage templates for all communications.

A template completely defines a message delivery profile. This includes the text template (with substitution of personalized variables), time parameters, resend channels, etc.

Enterprise-grade reliability and speed

The Notification Server can be deployed in various configurations based on how critical the service is for the bank. For example, you can have one cluster for high-priority traffic, and another one for marketing traffic. The solution can be deployed in several data centers.
Message processing time (from the moment the request is received to the moment it is sent) is about 15 milliseconds. One-time passwords are delivered instantly.
Sending speed – one server handles over 1000 messages per second. Not enough? The Notification Server can be scaled out by adding more servers to the cluster.