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An enterprise software solution for building your own robust messaging infrastructure. Supports all communication channels – SMS, Push, Calls, Email, Messengers, USSD and others.
An omnichannel platform
Cuts your communication costs by 20%.
Gives you 100% independence from messaging providers and full control over your messaging traffic.
Provides security (messages don’t pass through third-party servers) and full integration into the Customer's infrastructure.

Notification Server


Our solutions are ideal for


Bank notification server that would help you save customer communication costs and boost performance, reliability and security.

Messaging provider

Building your own infrastructure that would provide a messaging service under your own brand.

Mobile operator

A ready-to-use carrier-grade solution for launching an omnichannel communications service in the operator's network.


If you’re a large messaging customer, think about saving money by building your own infrastructure.
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Some of our major customers

The WINGS Notification Server is all about:

On-premises robust software for interaction with customers via various channels (omnichannel).
High performance: a server handles 1100 messages per second; messages are processed and sent within 15 ms.
Independence from messaging providers, full control over your messaging traffic routing and termination.
All channels are implemented in a single system with fallback options: SMS, push, Viber, WhatsApp, email, interactive voice messages (using ASR and TTS), etc.


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Customer Reviews

Sergey Rusanov
Director, Banking and Information Technologies, VTB Bank
We are totally satisfied with the system. For over 5 years that we’ve been using the WINGS platform at VTB Bank, it has proven to be a highly reliable, scalable, and efficient system.
Sergey Chikov
Head of IT Service, Post Bank
Over the years, Wings has established itself as a reliable partner. We look forward to maintaining and fostering our existing business relationship with the company.
Dmitry Olkhov
Project Director, Rostelecom
Having integrated the WINGS Messaging Platform into our infrastructure, we highly appreciate the expertise of the WINGS team. So far, the platform has shown to be a reliable and efficient solution that fully meets the needs of major companies.

Why Choose Us

Cost reduction

Reducing your messaging cost by interacting directly with mobile network operators and deploying cheaper communication channels.

100% independence from messaging providers

The customer can manage messaging traffic routing and termination and can switch to another service provider at any time.

Fully integrated into infrastructure

Extensive opportunities for integration with your IT infrastructure and customization.


The solution is hosted on the customer's infrastructure, thereby ensuring no messages pass via third-party servers.


How does your software help me reduce communication costs?
Your messaging costs are significantly reduced through the following:

  • You can use cheaper and free communication channels (Push, messengers, social networks, etc.) in addition to SMS;
  • You will be able to send Push messages to a mobile app for free;
  • Our software provides the highest Push notification delivery rate on the market – over 90%. The rest are sent via SMS, Viber and other channels;
  • With the Notification Server, you can communicate directly with mobile network operators. This makes you avoid intermediary commissions and service fees from messaging providers and aggregators;
  • Reduced number of undelivered SMS (wasted money) through intelligent traffic analysis;
  • Flexible traffic routing between messaging channels, automated selection of the cheapest channel/provider.
Are you a service provider?
No, we are a software vendor. We are not a provider or aggregator, nor do we provide message delivery services.

Our software enables you to build your own messaging infrastructure.

You are the one to sign contracts with mobile network operators or messaging providers/aggregators for message delivery services. On our part, we will integrate, configure and test connections with your selected mobile operators, providers and other partners, and also provide you with comprehensive consulting support, including selection of optimal contractual partners.

Using our software, Push notifications are sent directly through Apple, Google and Huawei clouds. It does not require connecting to any provider to send Push notifications.
How much is your software?
To calculate the cost, please send us a request or call us at +7 (495) 225-44-09

The cost depends on the communication channels to be deployed (flexible licensing: you can first deploy one channel, and then add others). Cost also depends on performance and redundancy requirements, and on possible additional integration and improvements.

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