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For provision of a messaging service under their own brand

Helping customers build their own ready-to-operate infrastructure

Who needs our solution?

Companies selling messaging services to end customers through the White Label affiliate network of aggregators, but who do not have their own infrastructure.
Companies using various messaging systems from different vendors, but now want to combine everything into one solution.
Companies that are no longer satisfied with their existing solution due to poor performance, functionality, flexibility and communication channels.
Companies looking to launch a messaging business and looking for a technical partner.

Thinking of having your own platform? You can easily become an independent provider!


One solution for all messaging channels

The messaging platform is an enterprise solution that is constantly evolving, and already has everything needed to provide a high-quality and convenient service for messaging under your own brand.

The platform already supports all the popular communication channels – SMS, Push, calls, email, messengers, social networks, USSD.

With a flexible licensing policy, the provider is able to launch its service with the most popular channels, and then easily expand the system as its business grows.

All communication channels are part of a single system, so they can be easily combined into any fallback chains, for example Push -> Viber -> SMS.

A convenient service for your customers

The messaging platform comes with the tools needed by customers to send messages and manage their communications:

  • A user-friendly personal dashboard for managing mailings, templates, contacts and for receiving reports.
  • An API for sending single and bulk messages, template-based or template-less messaging, via one channel or with fallback.
  • A personal dashboard automation API will allow you to integrate CRM and other systems of your customers with the service straightaway. For instance, it could be for maintaining an address book and blacklists.
You manage your customers through the admin panel of the Messaging Platform: you can set up tariffs, issue accounts for access to the personal dashboard and to the API, control existing communication channels, set up traffic filtering and priorities if necessary, analyze reports, etc.

Centralized communication

The Messaging platform enables you to use and centrally manage templates for all communications.

A template completely defines a message delivery profile. This includes the text template (with substitution of personalized variables), time parameters, resend channels, etc.

Your customers can manage their templates via their personal dashboards in the Notification Server or build their own workspace using the API provided.

Enterprise-grade reliability and speed

The Notification Server can be deployed in various configurations based on how critical the service is for the bank. For example, you can have one cluster for high-priority traffic, and another one for marketing traffic. The solution can be deployed in several data centers.
Message processing time (from the moment the request is received to the moment it is sent) is about 15 milliseconds. One-time passwords are delivered instantly.
Sending speed – one server handles over 1000 messages per second. Not enough? The Notification Server can be scaled out by adding more servers to the cluster.

Flexible business models

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