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IBA Telecom – deployment of a messaging platform (SMS, E-mail and calls)

About IBA Telecom
IBA Telecom has been in the additional mobile communication services market since 2008. The company provides comprehensive services and solutions based on mobile communications. Examples are marketing and transactional SMS, E-mail and voice mail and much more.
The company's services are successfully used in 7 countries.
As part of the modernization of systems used by IBA Telecom, WINGS deployed a messaging platform with SMS, E-mail, and call modules.

Support for multiple communication channels in one product and years of proven reliability were the key factors why this software was chosen.

The most popular service among IBA Telecom customers is voice mail. Regional cab/taxi services are now using automated Text-to-Speech (TTS) calls. The dispatcher sends text messages, while the messaging platform generates a message using Text-to-Speech (TTS) technology and delivers it to the recipient. The messaging platform supports the use of variables in the text to form personalized calls.

When creating automated calls, in addition to text that will be converted into voice using TTS, an audio file or a pre-configured IVR menu can be selected as a voice message. The IVR menu is configured in SCXML format. Querying of external systems and generation of menu items, depending on the received response, are all supported.

For calls containing an audio file or text, additional settings are available, such as replay, call forwarding to another number, etc.

Using the WINGS messaging platform, messages that need to be delivered to the customer can be sent not only by calls, but also by SMS. Fallback messaging allows you to re-send messages via another channel if it was not delivered via the previous one. You can use various sending chain options. Their number depends on the channels connected by IBA Telecom customers.

It should be noted that Yandex.Taxi has included IBA Telecom in its list of recommended providers for connecting SMS notifications to passengers.

The WINGS messaging platform allows you to configure the rules for SMS blocking by text and rules for blocking identical SMS within a specified period of time.

E-mail newsletter is another traditional direct communication tool that allows real-time interaction with customers. When forming a mailing list, a preview of the message to be sent is available, and the built-in visual editor allows you to diversify simple text messages.

IBA Telecom customers enjoy high message delivery quality, SMS service stability and the convenience of working with their own personal dashboard. You can create messages through the Web user interface or API by performing a few simple actions.

The WINGS messaging platform is connected both to mobile operators directly and to various aggregators. The system supports automated message routing based on least-cost routing (LCR). LCR is a cost-based path selection process for multiple possible routes. For correct routing, the platform interacts with the ported number database operator (MNP).

The solution was integrated with the Hydra billing system to analyze data on services provided and their billing.
Deployment results
The following are some of the benefits of the deployed WINGS messaging platform:

- Working with mobile operators directly (Beeline, MTS, Megafon, SkyLink and TELE2), and with aggregators and modem pools. At present, the total coverage area is more than 850 networks in 220 countries worldwide;

- With the TTS technology, IBA Telecom was able to attract new and retain old customers. Thanks to connected third-party text-to-speech licenses, you can read any text in several languages, choose a voice (male or female), and adjust intonation.

The next stage of cooperation between WINGS and IBA Telecom is to expand the number of communication channels (Push, viber).

"Our company provides SMS, Email and voice messaging services. These services are powered by the WINGS platform. Thanks to this platform, we were able to expand our list of services, and improve service reliability and quality."
— Valentin Wang, CEO, IBA Media.