Messengers and social networks

Available channels

At the transport layer, the Notification Server supports sending to the following messengers and social networks:
Sending via: Messaging API, chatbots
Sending via: Messaging API, chatbots
Sending via: Messaging API, chatbots
Sending via: Messaging API
Sending via: chatbots
Sending via: chatbots

Sending via: chatbots

Messaging API
Messenger Viber and social networks Vkontakte and Odnoklassniki provide a channel for sending messages to users on the company’s behalf. The messages are sent to the phone number.

Cost of message: lower than SMS cost
Many messengers and social networks provide the ability to create chatbots and communicate with users. The Notification Server connects the user account with phone number and allows sending messages to chatbot subscribers.

Apart from sending messages, the chatbot can implement any communication scenarios, from providing simple information services to payment transactions. The chatbot is configured to meet Customer requirements as part of the deployment process.

Cost of message: free

Message content

Depending on the channel and sending method, the message may have different content, including images and buttons. For example, in Viber, you can transfer the following (the setting is available in your personal dashboard) via the messaging API:

• Text
• Image
• Link butto