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Nikita Mobile, leader of Armenia's mobile messaging market, deploys a WINGS messaging platform.

About Nikita Mobile
Nikita Mobile, Armenia's mobile messaging market leader, has been using WINGS software for 12 years. As this collaboration deepens, the company has deployed a WINGS messaging platform this year.
The platform allows you to quickly organize SMS, Viber, Push, E-mail, and voice (call) messaging services. It also features a cascade message sending scheme.
Until recently, Nikita Mobile used messaging systems from different manufacturers for each of its communication channels. This caused inconveniences. That's why the company management decided to implement an omnichannel solution from a single manufacturer, which will serve all the popular channels, such as SMS, Viber, Push, E-mail, and voice messaging. All the channels are to be embedded into one system with a single user-friendly interface. So the company chose a software product from WINGS - a long-term partner, who has been tried and tested over the years. With the messaging platform, Nikita Mobile has been able to enhance customer service and increase message delivery speed.

The first project that laid the foundation for long-term collaboration between the two companies was the implementation of a WINGS VAS platform in 2008. The platform’s reliability and performance, as well as the ease of connecting partners via various protocols, have allowed for implementation of numerous projects. For instance, SMS voting for participants of the popular Eurovision Song Contest has been implemented through the WINGS platform in Armenia since 2010. Besides, an SMS service for paid parking was launched in 2013. Based on the platform, USSD portals have been launched for several mobile operators in Armenia: direct interaction with operators' systems has been set up, subscribers have access to a variety of information services and entertainment content catalogs. Another notable project was the launching of USSD service ArCa in 2016 for the national operator of payment system Armenian Card, a joint project with Beeline Armenia. The project is intended for mobile subscribers and holders of ArCa credit cards, who, by tying their credit card number to their mobile phone number, can carry out transactions with the card using a convenient and intuitive USSD interface.

WINGS provides 24-hour technical support for Nikita Mobile services. WINGS employees monitor the platform and connections with cellular operators and partners, provide backup system support and server administration.
Nikita Mobile was founded in 2006 and is one of the leading companies in Armenia providing mobile marketing and e-commerce services. The company owns the largest call center in Armenia. By collaborating with all mobile operators, the company provides full coverage for the Armenian market.

Some of the services provided by Nikita Mobile include mobile banking and payment services, SMS marketing and automatic (transactional) messaging, infotainment services, charity fundraising using short codes, call center services, 24/7 help desk 0909, etc.
«‎Thanks to the WINGS software, we were able to become and for 12 years remain the leader in Armenia's mobile messaging and mobile marketing market," says Liana Avakyan, director of Nikita Mobile, “Our collaboration with WINGS has enabled us to focus all our efforts on promoting our own services, without being distracted by technical problems. The WINGS software evolves with market demands and allows us to promptly offer new services to our customers. We trust WINGS and we're constantly expanding our collaboration and participating in tenders together. We see the company as a highly efficient and reliable technical partner and we're planning for new joint projects.»‎
Liana Avakyan, Director, Nikita Mobile