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VTB Bank – deployment of a single SMS gateway

About VTB Bank
VTB Bank is one of the largest banks in Russia.
The bank's key activities include working with corporate customers and financial institutions, including government agencies and enterprises, fundraising and lending.
SMS gateway deployment
VTB Bank deployed the WINGS Notification Server SMS module on its infrastructure as a single gateway for sending SMS messages by the bank's various information systems, including remote banking systems.

In addition, the WINGS Notification Server is used by employees of the bank at various branches for SMS messaging through a Web user interface. The Notification Server allows to upload recipient lists, generate bulk messages for uploaded lists and view SMS sending statistics.

Transition to the WINGS platform was done seamlessly for the SMS sender systems. None of the bank's services that are using SMS communications were stopped during the transition process.
Deploying a unified XML interface
One of the milestones in the development of SMS communications at VTB Bank was the introduction of a single unified XML interface.

The XML interface allowed the bank's systems to automatically send XML files containing subscriber information, text message templates and delivery rules to the SMS gateway. After receiving the XML file, the WINGS Notification Server generates messages based on the rules specified in the file and sends SMS to recipients.

The unified interface also made it possible to quickly connect the bank's systems to the SMS messaging service.
"We are totally satisfied with the system. For over 5 years that we’ve been using the WINGS platform at VTB Bank, it has proven to be a highly reliable, scalable, and efficient system. The technical support service has shown high professional competence: all emerging issues are promptly resolved. We are pleased to work with WINGS and to see that the company takes our interests as a top priority. We consider WINGS as a reliable and competent partner."
— Sergey Rusanov, Senior Vice President, Director, Banking and Information Technologies, VTB Bank.