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WINGS Payment System - deployments in Azerbaijan case studies

AzerPay Review
AzerPay - is a e-Wallet system in Azerbaijan. The key feature of AzerPay - is a USSD as a main user interface for working with e-Wallet (connected to all three mobile operators).
WINGS had been chosen as a vendor for supplying USSD Portal and Payment software - e-Wallet, that provides e-Wallet functionality; and Payment Gateway for making payments to payment providers.

AzerPay users can register in the system by simply dialing USSD short code using any GSM cell phone of Azerbaijan mobile carrier. Users are identified by MSISDN. Registration takes a few minutes and after it is done, users can start working with e-Wallet. To get access to all functions of AzerPay, a user have to pass full registration by visiting Azerpost office, where user provides documents and sign an agreement.

A user may top up AzerPay Wallet from bank card; AzerPay partner’s self service kiosks; or visiting AzerPost office. For withdraw money from wallet the following options are available: bank cards (wallet to card transfer); AzerPost office (cash out from wallet); partner’s ATM (cardless withdrawal from wallet - cash by code) .

AzerPay Wallet provides users capabilities to make any payments, e.g. to mobile carriers, internet, utilities, credits and etc and make money transfers between AzerPay users.

All functions are available in USSD menu as well as on AzerPay WEB site. Nevertheless focus is done on USSD technology.
To comply with the legislation of the Republic of Azerbaijan, a virtual bank card is created in processing system for each e-wallet. For these purposes the system is integrated with Millikart processing system via daily reconciliations: information about wallets, counterparties, transactions is automatically transferred from the System into processing system.

To work with bank cards (transfers card to wallet, wallet to card) and ATM (cardless cash withdrawal in ATMs using a code) System is also integrated with processing Millikart through the API, provided by the processing.

For integration with partner’s networks for wallets top-up and withdraw through self-service kiosks (through the "Agents"), the System provides AgentAPI.

Payments to payment providers. Some payments are done directly to providers (with direct connections) and some payments - through other payment systems (aggregators). This functionality is implemented by Payment Gateway module, which is responsible for the integration and routing of payments.

To work with the post offices, a WEB user interface is provided for Azerpost staff in order to make standard operations in the System: wallets top-up, withdraw, user’s identification, wallets unblocking, account statements, change of user’s registration information. Also API is provided for building such interfaces by external companies.
Молодая компания, запустившая сервис по приему платежей на территории Азербайджана в 2017 году. Компания имеет сеть своих киоском самообслуживания, а также предоставляет дилерам платежные терминалы на базе ОС Android и WEB интерфейс для проведения платежей.

Платежи осуществляются как напрямую провайдерам (получателям платежей), так и через платежных агрегаторов, позволяющих делать платежи разным провайдерам.

Для работы всех компонентов системы используется программное обеспечение WINGS.