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Beeline Kazakhstan – deployment of calls

About Beeline Kazakhstan
In 2018, telecommunications brand Beeline became the leader in terms of number of subscribers in Kazakhstan
The company offers mobile and fixed telephony, international and long-distance communication, data transmission, and Internet access services.
To expand its services, Beeline Kazakhstan needed a solution for personalized IVR calls during which the subscriber could quickly connect to the service being advertised.
WINGS deployed a messaging platform with a call supporting module. The solution is designed for making bulk and single calls to subscriber numbers. Calls can be sent through the Web user interface and API.

A call can contain:

  • Audio file.
  • Pre-configured IVR menu. Menu configuration is done in SCXML format. Among other things, it supports generation of custom messages from pre-recorded fragments, for example, playback of a date or account balance amount. Supports execution of queries to external systems and generation of IVR menu, depending on the received response.
  • Text (uses Text-to-Speech technology). Variables can be used in the text to generate personalized calls.
For calls containing an audio file or text, additional settings are available, such as replay, call forwarding to another number, etc. The allowed sending time can also be set. Delayed delivery and different time zones are supported. Also configured are the rules for making repeated calls if the recipient has not been reached. Calls are routed according to the least-cost routing principle.

The IVR menu is built using finite state machine language SCXML. SCXML can be enhanced by programming the transition from one state to another in Groovy. A combination of these tools gives the platform unlimited capabilities for defining the logic of interactive voice menus and quick integration with operator systems. The IVR menu is configured by Beeline. Business users can be given access to the already configured IVR menu to use it in calls.

If a recipient misses a call and calls back the number from where the call was made, the platform supports receiving such calls and playing the message intended for this recipient.

The system supports receiving and processing incoming calls (the user calls the IVR number himself, and not only calling back after missing a call). Calls are routed depending on the number to which the subscriber is calling. Each number has its own IVR menu based on SCXML.

The solution provides detailed statistics with the ability to export data.

In this project, the WINGS Notification Server supports up to 300 simultaneous calls.

Data transfer from the operator's network to the WINGS platform and back is by an SIP gateway.

As part of the deployment process, Beeline Kazakhstan employees were trained on how to work with the platform and configure the IVR menu.

"We would like to extend our sincere gratitude and appreciation to the WINGS staff for the professionalism shown when we were jointly deploying the IVR platform."
— Asel Kubasheva, R&D Director, Beeline Kazakhstan.