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Globacom – deployment of WINGS USSD Portal for a mobile network operator in Nigeria

About Globacom
Globacom, one of Nigeria's largest multinational telecommunications companies, asked WINGS to implement a robust and flexible platform for creating and managing USSD services.
As of December 2018, Globacom had over 45 million subscribers, making it the second largest mobile network operator in Nigeria with a 26% market share.

The company also operates in other African countries (Benin and Ghana).
Globacom needed a solution that would enable it to quickly launch new USSD services and implement a USSD NI (Network Initiated) messaging service for its subscribers.

After deployment, Globacom was to receive an interactive communication channel, where both subscribers and the operator could initiate communication.
The WINGS platform was deployed, including a USSD Portal module, which allows building USSD services using SCXML and Groovy.

With the WINGS USSD Portal, Globacom can now not only create any USSD services (from a simple query to complex multi-level menus implementing any business logic), but also quickly launch them. The portal also makes it possible to query external systems within the framework of USSD sessions and display a particular information to subscribers, depending on the response, or dynamically form the next step of the menu.

The WINGS platform collects statistics and provides a full list of USSD usage reports.

During the deployment stage, WINGS employees created several USSD services according to Globacom requirements. In one of the services, the solution was integrated with Glo Payment Gateway via HTTPS for money transfer.

As part of the deployment process, Globacom employees were trained to work with the platform and create USSD services. The training gave them the necessary skills needed to create USSD services on SCXML.
The project enabled Globacom to quickly roll out new USSD services for its subscribers.