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UZCARD launches WINGS-based USSD payment services

Uzbekistan's interbank payment system Uzcard has launched a payment USSD menu powered by the WINGS platform. This system allows you to pay for services, manage automatic payments, make transfers and money requests, check account balances, and others.
The new payment service has expanded opportunities for customers by offering an updated mobile app MyUzcard operating via USSD in offline mode when there is no Internet connection.
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The single interactive USSD menu for Uzcard has combined basic, frequently used commands. The user does not need to memorize the USSD command for each operation or spend time typing it. To navigate through the items, you only need to press numbers according to the text displayed on the screen. Also, the USSD menu has the functionality for adding, blocking and deleting cards, and changing the PIN code. SMS notifications from Uzcard are processed by Play Mobile, the leader in Uzbekistan's mobile messaging market.

Uzcard customers can also perform transactions using the updated mobile app MyUzcard. Analysis of the MyUzcard experience has revealed the need to ensure operability of the mobile app when there is no Internet connection. Issues of network load, variable quality of coverage, areas with no coverage, weak signal and other situations affecting Internet access are always pressing challenges.

Employees at WINGS adapted the USSD menu, enabling its use in MyUzcard in offline mode. For users of the mobile app, the switch to offline mode is not noticeable. Functions that are not implemented in the USSD menu become inactive in the app when switching to offline mode.

The USSD technology is convenient for working with services that have a dialog structure. USSD service is available for all phone models, even the classic push-button phones. USSD requests are free, the USSD menu works even when you have a negative balance or when you are roaming.

SMPP and SIGTRAN protocols are used to connect the WINGS platform to mobile operators. Mobile operators prefer a SIGTRAN connection in cases where they don't have a USSD gateway or they have restrictions on its use. This spares operators the need to buy new equipment or additional licenses for a USSD gateway. SIGTRAN allows for more flexible traffic management (for example, USSD session timeouts, which is important when handling long USSD requests). With this protocol, you can also bypass limits on the number of USSD connections.
WINGS was chosen as the contractor because it has already developed USSD services for national payment systems. For example, WINGS-based USSD service ArCa for processing credit/debit cards was launched in Armenia in 2016.

Uzcard has been collaborating with 31 commercial banks in Uzbekistan, as well as 37 payment aggregators. At present, Uzcard serves over 11 million credit cards.